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Hobbit Art

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Original artwork - drawings, paintings, sculpture, textiles, manipulations - featuring hobbits.
Welcome to hobbit_art, a community for original visual artwork inspired by those wonderful hobbits from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Your original artwork, as long as it contains and features hobbits, is welcome - drawings, paintings, sculpture, needlework, original manipulations, animations, miniatures.

Questions? Contact Owner/moderator notabluemaia at Notabluemaia @ kc.rr.com

Please read the following rules before posting:

1) Please keep your posts similar to the lotrart format, so it'll be easier to browse through. It should look like this, at least:

Warnings: [i.e. Slash, MPREG, Femslash, etc etc.]
Additional notes:
Link (or lj-cut):

You may link to your own journal or, preferably, post the picture to the community itself.

2) Whatever kind of art you post up must have hobbits in it, or feature hobbit life (ie, miniature rooms). Any other characters are fine, but I don't want to see pictures of Aragorn and Boromir etc. with tiny hobbits in the far off background.

Both bookverse and movie-verse are fine, as well as illustrations for fanfics, as long as hobbits are the focused. If you illustrate a fanfic, please provide author info and a link to the fic, too. It's a very good idea to co-ordinate with the author, and to get author permission - meet other nice hobbit-fanciers, and many authors are delighted that someone was inspired by their words.

Also, doing scenery or stuff of a hobbity location (such as the Shire) is fine.

Do please keep your posted hobbit art somewhere w/in recognizable canon, fanfic, and Middle-earth for the most part. Not so much the crossovers and AU's, unless they're a specific trope (wings...) or original AU.

3) Sketches are allowed, even if they're in class notes on lined paper. I'm pretty easy going about that kind of stuff, as long as they aren't stick figures. If you have a more complicated work in progress, it's pleasant to see the stages of the creation process.

4) Anything that's R+ rated, keep behind an LJ-cut and place an appropriate warning in the heading.

5) Slash, het, etc. IS allowed. This is not solely a slash nor het community. Respect other members.

6) Do not post artwork that you did not create yourself. I'm a frothing monster regarding art theft.

7) No actor fanarts, even if they're in costume/on set. No RP or RPS. This is all about HOBBITS!

8) Photomanips will be allowed. HOWEVER. You must place in the heading that it is a photomanip. Lastly, don't run a photo through Photoshop or whatever's art filters (such as the water color or graphite filters, for example) a few times and claim you drew it (photomaniping is one thing, filtering it and claiming you drew it is something entirely different). Sorry, but I will ban on something like that. If you have a question about it, e-mail me first and we can sort it out.

Trying not to sound scary, but basically, go ahead with photomanips: just be sure to include a line in the post labeling it as a photomanip.

9) If you use a reference, please mention that somewhere in your post/give credit. [11/7/03]

10) Photography of a Hobbiton-like location is allowed. However, you must include a line in the post labeling it as photography. Also, use good judgment on it: don't just post a random picture of your backyard. No humans in the photo, unless they're cosplaying as a specific hobbit from the movie. [2/18/07]

11) Please be generous with comments and interaction with the artists!

12) Artists - if you have another site that features your hobbit art, please do share here! Post the info and link, and tag it 'Hobbit Artist Websites' so the different artist site links will be easily browsable. It would be very nice for our community to be a 'go to' place for anyone seeking great and diverse hobbit art!

Use the format below:

Site Title:
Rating range:
Site Contents and Description:
Artist Notes:

Link: (may use < h ref>URL>Site Name</a> by closing end brackets)

All Four by Wyna Hiros

All Four, by wyna_hiros, Founder of hobbit_art

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